Upcoming Events



Gado Gado will serve late night noodles at Sammich every Thursday from 9pm-Midnight. Chef Melissa McMillan of Sammich will be serving cocktails and we are really excited to have her energy behind the bar.

The menu for these late night pop ups changes weekly and dishes tend to be in the $10-$20 range and include a vegetarian option.

Chef Tom has an extensive noodle making background beginning at Barbara Lynch’s Boston restaurant Sportello and most recently as Chef de Cuisine at The Honey Paw in Portland, ME. We are very excited to introduce his noodles to Portland and are happy to provide some warmth and comfort as the days turn darker and the weather gets cooler.


Gado Gado Brunch at Guilder

We are so excited to share with you that Gado Gado is serving brunch!

On 1/21 from 10am-2pm we will be slinging coffee, congee, noodles and egg puff pandan waffles at Guilder on NE Fremont. It's a Monday which can be a great day for restaurant industry folks to brunch but it's also MLK day so we are hoping that some people who work 9-5 will have the day off and be able to join us as well. We are going to run a casual, counter service model with no tickets or reservations, keeping with the coffee shop vibe that Guilder has done such a fabulous job of cultivating. We are fortunate to have been hosted by Guilder twice before and really enjoy the bright open feel of the space.